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We make a quantifiable impact for our customers and the environment while our standard full time 4 day working week provides us with time to concentrate on the things that make us tick.
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Our purpose

digiLab is an agile, deep tech company.

We operate as a trusted partner to help industry leaders make actionable decisions through digital twin solutions. We empower you to exploit the value locked in your data and models using customisable digital twins and first of a kind machine learning solutions.

Our values

Our values are the driving force behind everything we do and our success depends on staying true to them.

Mission Driven

We are fiercely passionate about our shared purpose, and while we expect changes and challenges, we embrace them, staying focused and optimistic, knowing that it’s a privilege to work on technology that has the potential to change the world.


We use the phrase “hold strong opinions lightly” at digiLab. We resolutely believe that we should share well-structured and flexible opinions which we can debate without judgement.


We push boundaries, motivating ourselves and one another to create and innovate. We don’t set limits based on what others believe is possible or impossible; we strive to improve and approach our work and the world positively and with curiosity.


While we work with speed and efficiency, we never compromise our ethical standards. That means having integrity and doing what we say we will; it also means that we will tell you if your problem can be solved with a ruler and pencil.


Our environment is built on respect and care – Kindness, support, and encouragement fuel our growth and success, and we are positive and generous in spirit. We are inclusive, fair, loyal and open-minded, seeing the very best in each other and caring for each other’s well-being.

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Our offices are based at Exeter Quay where we work in a dynamic, agile environment. Exeter has easy access to the surrounding countryside and is a stone’s throw away from Dartmoor National Park and our beautiful Devonshire coastline.


We welcome people to digiLab and we value diversity from all backgrounds and cultures.


Corporate Social Responsibility

At digiLab we are committed to accelerating the transition to Net Zero. We work on some of the most exciting clean energy projects from Fusion Reactors, to urban solar farms and Fission Reactor decommissioning. 

However, our business activities have a carbon footprint and to help mitigate this we are delighted to announce our ‘trees for growth @ digiLab’ initiative. Under this policy we are committed to planting one tree for every new customer, new employee and new business partner that we engage. We will also plant trees each year as part of our carbon offset policy.