digiLab operates at the intersection of science, engineering and sustainability, tackling complex problems specific to our industry partners. 

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Dependable and reliable intelligence

Using machine learning, data science and uncertainty quantification we predict and optimise controls and operations in safety-critical water systems providing confident, fast answers.


World-leading machine learning capabilities combine with the latest methods in Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) to build rapid emulators for intricate physics problems.

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Fusion, Solar & More

We have been hard at work helping experts in fusion understand their data to give them the ability to make huge leaps in progress

The future of Energy needs better tools for analysis and we are at the forefront of that change

First of a kind solutions

digiLab is solving some of the world's biggest challenges in sustainability.

Whether it's supporting the design of the first fusion reactor, building the first electric aircrafts or reducing the chemical treatment of rivers by 50%, digiLab does not step back from the big, important challenges.

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