Operating at the intersection of science, engineering and sustainability, we're tackling complex problems specific to the water industry.

Using ground-breaking machine learning, data science and uncertainty quantification we predict and optimise controls and operations in safety-critical systems providing confident, fast answers.


Optimising Sensor Deployment - Ofwat Discovery Challenge Project

For the next wave of sensor deployment and monitoring in the wastewater network, digiLab is creating a platform for sensor and water data to drive efficiency and ensure value for water companies and customers. senSiteUQ optimises complex deployments of equipment on water networks, providing explainable, trusted solutions for investment strategies.

As an adaptive solution, we provide confidence in risk exposure, essential for deployment, monitoring and maintenance. Easy integration gives fast reliable answers for long-term operational resilience.

First of a kind solutions

Learning from experience

From significant reductions in coagulant dosing to our Ofwat Discovery Challenge project optimising sensor placement in wastewater, we combine sector domain knowledge with world-leading, trusted data science expertise.

South West Water

Keeping it clean and cutting coagulant by 40%

The impact of zeta potential in clean water treatment has been a major breakthrough. A measurement of the net effective charge of water, it helps treatment sites predict optimal levels of coagulant dosing to ensure safe drinking water, ecosystem protection and operational efficiencies.

Nicholas Dade, Principal Scientist at South West Water talks about digiLab's tech solution: ‘It’s a constantly evolving tool - that’s a really big point for the water industry - we can have something running in the background that is constantly improving, and digiLab has been able to explain all the intricacies of their operation, how they look at the data, and what it all means.’’

Trusted interoperable technology


Our fast, scalable software-based solutions handle noisy and missing data, and our agile working ethos allow complex deployments of equipment and technology. Our tech is interoperable with proprietary and standalone systems, providing value for money through best practice and regulatory compliance.

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