Here at digiLab we don't just innovate by transforming data we have developed tools to help you perform your own magic. Take a look at the products below.


Harness the power of our lab tested ai

twinLab is digiLab’s state-of-the-art machine learning library. Developed in-house by our data science team, twinLab is the toolset we use to solve our clients’ most challenging problems.

Built to tackle real-world, data science ‘in the wild’ problems, from aerospace to fusion energy, twinLab is what we use to decode the data and unlock value for our customers

Excel Plugin

Harness the power of twinLab

Get the power of twinLab right in your Excel spreadsheets

Now offering you amazing capabilities in directly in Excel, see how digiLab can bring you power like never before to analyse your data and make your life easier

No code required
No code required


Showing you solar potential

twinCity is a data visualisation tool that has been designed to show you which rooftops are optimum for upgrading to Solar.

Simply provide the addresses for your properties and we will show a map with the solar potential for your rooftop along with information about which roofs would be optimal given a budget.