Who we are

A 30+ strong team of ML Experts, Software Developers, Solution Engineers, and Support Teams
A spinout from the University of Exeter, building on years of cutting-edge Academic research
A commitment to helping engineering and infrastructure companies become data-driven
  • Prof Tim Dodwell

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Dr Anhad Sandhu

    President & Co-Founder

  • Amanda Niedfeldt

    Head of Business Development

  • Jo Muncaster

    Head of Finance

  • Helen Spalding

    Head of People

  • Dr Alan Prior


Mathematical models support decisions in all fields today. With AI, more and more of those decisions will be automated. The question — "How can we build trust in these models?" — Is becoming increasingly important. digiLab was founded to answer that question.

Dr Anhad Sandhu
President and Co-Founder

I spent years in academia helping engineering, industrial, infrastructure, and resourcing organisations exploit underutilised or complicated data. digiLab exists to provide this support at scale, using the twinLab ML platform to accelerate and increase confidence in decision-making.

Prof Tim Dodwell
CEO and Co-Founder

Our Culture

We aim to be the best company we can - we are friendly and sociable, embracing diversity and equality, and acting with integrity towards all our employees, clients and other stakeholders.

We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, both personally and professionally:

  • All employees are encouraged to be creative and innovative, adopting an agile and flexible approach to achieving company objectives
  • We support and trust each other to take an agreed level of controlled risk that is necessary to fuel ambitious innovation
  • We prioritise trusted, supportive collaboration, with honest and open communication to ensure alignment to company goals
  • We adopt high standards of individual and collective performance, challenging ourselves and others to excel in delivery to all stakeholders
  • We strive for value within the team and regularly evaluate individual contribution to company goals and achievements

We are:

  • Collaborative: we work as a team, we cooperate and we support each other
  • Challenging: we each stretch ourselves to achieve success, hold ourselves to high standards of performance
  • Engaging: we create an enriching & stimulating work experience that supports both our personal development and the broader company purpose

Where we are

Our offices are located on the beautiful Exeter Quay

We have fast transport links to London and Oxford via Exeter St Davids, as well as Exeter Airport

We’re close to Dartmoor, the best Devon beaches, and of course the Bouldering Centre

digiLab location

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