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by The digiLab Team

Updated 7 February 2024

Announcing the Formation of Our Specialist Fusion Team

digiLab is excited to announce the formation of our specialist Fusion Team, composed of recent hires Dr Ross Allen and Dr Cyd Cowley
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digiLab is excited to announce the formation of our specialist Fusion Team, composed of recent hires Dr Ross Allen and Dr Cyd Cowley. They bring extensive domain expertise from across the fusion ecosystem: plasma science, systems engineering and design, advanced control, and advanced materials/manufacturing. They combine this knowledge with strong capabilities in the use of probabilistic Machine Learning to unlock new frontiers in this transformative, rapidly-evolving sector.

Ross and Cyd will be partnering with both public and private industry players in order to provide frontline support and guidance for mission-critical applications of ML solutions and our ML platform, twinLab. Ross says:

It’s exciting to join such an innovative and forward thinking team striving to push closer to fusion energy deployment! I see advancements in machine learning as a key enabler to accelerating the path to electrons on the grid, and the probabilistic techniques which digiLab pioneer not only enable prediction of optimised solutions, but an understanding of the optimum R&D path to these solutions bridging the gap between digital and physical engineering.

Cyd adds:

This is such an exciting time to be working in fusion, and digiLab are involved in some of the most transformative projects in the space. I’m thrilled to be a part of the new fusion team, and can’t wait to see how digiLab can further change fusion energy development for the better.

These two experienced hires signal digiLab’s commitment to and investment in the sector and bolster our position as the Machine Learning Partner for Fusion.

If you would like to speak with Ross or Cyd, you can meet them at:

  • The Fusion Industry Association Annual Policy Meeting, March 20-21st, Washington D.C
  • The Nuclear Industry Association - Fusion Group Meeting, March 28, Manchester, UK

Find them on LinkedIn: Ross and Cyd

Or via email at: fusion@digilab.co.uk

More about Dr Ross Allen, Senior Solutions Engineer

Ross focuses on applying explainable and trusted ML models, utilising uncertainty quantification to optimise complex R&D programmes. Following the completion of his PhD in Nuclear Physics from the University of Birmingham in the modelling and measurement of nuclear reactions, Ross has developed wide experience in the innovation space, working for multiple technology start-ups leading cutting edge commercial research projects.

He has experience across fusion energy, nuclear decommissioning, medical physics, and nuclear astrophysics, with particular interest in multiphysics modelling, including radiation transport, thermal hydraulics, hydrogen transport and structural mechanics.

More about Dr Cyd Cowley, Fusion Solutions Engineer

Cyd joins digiLab following a PhD in Plasma Physics for Nuclear Fusion at the University of York. He has published several papers in the field of edge plasma physics for magnetic confinement fusion and worked for the UKAEA simulating alternative divertors for the MAST-U spherical tokamak. Cyd is passionate about communication in the field of Fusion and reports on news updates on nuclear fusion for the Fusion Industry Association.

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