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by The digiLab Team

Updated 19 April 2024

digiLab Newsletter: Issue 7

Updated documentation for twinLab, Fusion and AI webinar, and the Fusion Industry Association Conference in DC
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Welcome to the latest newsletter. We're excited to launch the updated documentation for twinLab, and we've also been busy preparing for an upcoming Fusion webinar.

If you know someone who would be interested in applications of probabilistic ML across fusion, materials, and other complex engineering/infrastructure domains, share our signup link!

Virtual Webinar: Fusion and AI

As part of Fusion Week, on the 9th of May, digiLab will be hosting a webinar on Fusion and AI. We'll explore the intersection of these two cutting-edge technologies in the modern age. Discover how the culmination of these fields are shaping the future of computing and energy, from large language models like ChatGPT to AI controlled fusion plasmas.

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twinLab - New Documentation

We've revamped our documentation to make it easier for users to explore the full capabilities of twinLab. Click the link below to find examples, tutorials, and the full reference guide for the Python Interface.

Explore twinLab

digiLab Attend the Fusion Industry Association (FIA) Conference in D.C.

On the 20th of March, the Fusion Industry Association gathered more than 300 attendees in Washington D.C. to discuss the important topics surrounding fusion science and policy.

The Fusion Industry Association is a coalition of more than 35 fusion companies, and 80 affiliate members in various sectors enabling fusion. This includes digiLab, who are part of the growing fusion supply chain as a supplier of digital solutions and machine learning.

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Getting Started with ML using twinLab

Just hit "Try twinLab" on our website, or reply to this email, and we'll set you up with an API key, the documentation, and some example solutions. Alternatively, if you've got a particular data challenge, book a free call with one of our solution engineers.

The digiLab Team
We are a 30+ strong team of ML Experts, Software Developers, Solution Engineers, and Product Experts. As a spinout from the University of Exeter, we build on years of cutting-edge academic research. At our core is a commitment to helping engineering and infrastructure companies become data-driven.

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