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by The digiLab Team

Updated 22 May 2023

Introducing our Summer 2023 Interns

A very warm welcome to the three students who successfully applied to our internship scheme this year.
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Congratulations and a very warm welcome to the three students who successfully applied to our internship scheme this year, seeing off over 1600 other applicants to the post.

Nora Luo is a second-year Design Engineering student at Imperial College. With a particular interest in applying user perspectives to UI/UX design challenges, Nora is familiar with using Figma and other 2D&3D tools to create innovative products, designed to meet the needs of specific user profiles, including ADHD groups. We’re very much looking forward to the fresh perspective that Nora will bring to the challenges digiLab is tackling.

Burhan Anis is currently studying an integrated Master’s degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Exeter. His interest in applying computational and mathematical techniques to solve real-world problems extends far beyond the mathematical modelling of genetic systems he has focused on to date. He’s keen to get his teeth into the challenging issues facing digiLab’s clients, gaining valuable first hand experience in building Machine Learning solutions along the way.

James Price is a second year Economics student at the University of Exeter - when he can fit it in amongst all his other activities! He’s a consultant for an international NGO, helping improve funding for young athletes, and has technical experience in Python, SQL and data science. James is excited to be contributing to the meaningful work we do in the sustainability arena, particularly in nuclear fusion and river pollution reduction.

With a combined interest in travelling, photography, hiking, powerlifting, sci-fi, tennis and running we’re sure that Nora, Burhan and James will be a great fit for our busy working environment - we’re really looking forward to them joining us this summer! Though they may wish to consider taking up climbing as well...

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