Transforming Renewable Energy with ML

By leveraging Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification, our solution engineers can help you augment your system design, enhance your asset placement, implement adaptive monitoring, and increase transmission efficiency throughout your network.


Supporting Net-Zero through Industry Partnerships

Digital Transformation

We are transitioning towards a new, low-carbon energy paradigm, motivated by a desire to improve efficiency, stability, and security. digiLab are experts in enabling organisations to apply Machine Learning to their systems and data, in order to both reduce costs and achieve sustainability goals.

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twinLab Platform

twinLab is our cloud platform for applying probabilistic Machine Learning to your sensor data or asset simulations. Built-in Uncertainty Quantification makes it especially useful for making predictive decisions based on limited, noisy, or sparse data.

Powering Renewable Energy Solutions with twinLab

Powering Renewable Energy Solutions with twinLab

Machine Learning will Enable the Energy Transition

We are moving from a system that has been determined by commodity assets to a system that requires digital skills, new thinking and new technologies.

Laura Sandys CBE
Chair of the Energy Digitalisation Taskforce
HM Government

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Solar Capacity

twinCity Solar is a region-wide digital twin, enabling end users to optimise solar panel placement over arbitrary geographical areas for optimal power generation.

Flexible Energy Management

Incorporate building-to-city level layers of data to make predictive forecasts and optimally manage energy usage over large sites.

Asset Placement and System Design

SenSiteUQ places sensors optimally across a network and delivers improved data quality using the right number of sensors.

Condition Monitoring and Analytics

Leverage the powerful uncertainty quantification capabilities of twinLab to unlock truly predictive maintenance and fleet health understanding.

How twinLab can Enable your Energy Transition

Use twinLab to improve confidence in mission-critical system analytics, predictive maintenance, and asset strategy decisions
Use twinLab on your terms: your tech team can interface directly, or our engineers can build custom applications
Round the clock technical support, training & workshops, and extensive domain specific demos & tutorials